family-tree-poster-300x225What is a Family Tree Poster?
A Family Tree Poster is a timeless heirloom. It depicts your entire family tree in photos and includes names and birth dates. A Family Tree Poster is a perfect gift for any grandparent. At the base of the tree is the Grandma and/or Grandpa of the family. Nestled amongst the leaves of the tree are their children and grandchildren, grouped by family.

What do I need to provide?
You will need to provide us with a clear photo of each family member, preferably at least the full size of your computer screen. We will also need the full name and date of birth of each family member.

What will I receive?

Unlike other Family Trees, we don’t ship anything to you. We email you a link to download a high resolution version of your family tree, which you can take to any photo store to have printed This way you don’t pay shipping costs, and you can choose a print size and frame that suits you.

How much does it cost?
Cost is based on the number of people in your tree. They will also keep a copy of your family tree in Their files, ready for updates as new family members arrive.

Looking for a free Family Tree Template?
Don’t want to create a poster with pictures, you can print and fill out one our free family tree templates. Easy to use, easy to complete and different generations are available.